Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Opening A Chapter

….producing rose growers. For too long roses have had the reputation of being fussy and difficult plants to grow. I know this isn’t true and anyone who has ever grown a good garden rose also knows that in fact; Roses Are Plants Too.

I’ve been blessed with a gift of being good in front of people and teaching so we’ll focus on bringing more gardeners to the world of growing garden roses via workshops, writing and of course our You Tube Project. And we’ll bring the world of garden roses to those same gardeners via our connections in Europe and beyond. Another part of our work will be to spread the word about the choices offered by our Independent Rose Nurseries. And yes we will continue to produce some roses and offer them for sale locally so if you are ever in the upstate of South Carolina stop and by. We'll be the ones smelling the roses.

To me the garden rose is the most versatile and beautiful garden plant we have. From groundcovers to shrubs to climbers - to yellow to white to red to striped and everything in between. Garden roses that put on a tremendous spring show and then fade into the background to ones that don’t stop blooming all season. Very few plants can hold a candle to roses in the garden.

Along the way we’ll give care tips, share some stories and introduce you to some new roses and rose folks. But most of all we are going to show that garden roses are in fact very simple to grow and the best care guide is your own gardener’s instincts.

Welcome to a new chapter in our collective rose life. Many great things lie ahead and we’re glad you are coming with us.

Happy Roseing
Paul Zimmerman
Trish Walsh

PS. If you didn't get here from our old blog Petals & Thorns Click Here to read the first part of this blog post


  1. Hi Paul. I'll miss you folks as Ashdown Roses. But, keep us posted otherwise.

  2. Hi Paul! All the best to you and Trish for your new blog & new activities ... Loved the idea with the split post on the old and new blog. :)

    greetings from Vienna

  3. Thanks for the kind comments. Divva, we will still be here just in a different way. And in fact you might even see more of us!

  4. I look forward to more great posts and will direct all rose lovers in the Birmingham area to this site for info. Best of luck to you!!!

  5. Thanks. Ask them to become followers as well. It really helps!

  6. I am glad you are back. I have used several of your videos this year as I learn to manage my ever growing rose garden (formerly known as my yard). I wish you good luck with your new adventure. I appreciate being even a small part of your success so I am letting my friends know about your blog.

  7. It was great to see you yesterday. You are truly the champion of the Garden Rose ... you speak, and people listen. I wish you the best, as you begin the latest chapter of your rose journey. --Connie

  8. I am glad that you are continueing with your expertise in one of my favorite fields. I could tell when the last of your roses arrived at my doorstep that fighting disease in your greenhouses was a big challenge: the roses arrives with black spot and aphids. But that is what happens in greenhouses and small little plants at times. The good news is that they were strong little plants and after another year of being transplanted monthly with freshly composted and fertilized soil through the winter and clipped as needed, they grew into beautiful rose bushes that I was happy to pay 6.00 for. They are now healthy without added chemicals, blooming vigorously and planted in their new home in hopes that they have time to develop a base before winter. thank you for such an informational blog so that I and other readers can know what do do with roses which have seen better days.

  9. Good luck with your new ventures. I have delighted in your refreshing style of presentation in the YouTube postings - never before have I watched a 'How to Grow' video and luaghed out loud! It's a rare gift; please let us all know where we can find you on the net. Steve in Worcestershire, UK.

  10. Hi Steve,

    Thank you for the kind words. The best place to find me on the net these days is at Fine Gardening Magazine's website. I host the rose blog over there.