Tuesday, February 2, 2010

You Were Probably Taught To Prune Like This...

You purchased your first rose, planted it, tended it; worried if it would live and then came pruning time.  You consulted the books, maybe went to a demonstration or maybe asked a neighbor.  More than likely you were taught to prune this way

That's okay, nothing wrong with it.

If your objective is long stem cut flowers. 

As I wrote about in a previous post this method was developed for that and it works beautifully.  My point here is that over the next few weeks while I introduce you to other methods of pruning roses, don't think this method is incorrect and I'll be teaching you the "correct" method.

I'll be teaching you some other methods to give you the ability to get different things from your rose bushes.  And what you want from your rose bushes depends on only one person - You.  After all it's your garden isn't it?

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