Monday, May 31, 2010

The "Knockout" Blow to High Maintenance Roses

The first part of this century has seen a rapid decline in sales of Hybrid Tea Roses. Not necessarily because they are bad roses (a lot of newer Hybrid Teas make terrific Garden Roses) but because the decades before had built the perception they were fussy, disease prone, bore little fragrance and were of little use in the garden.

Sales of shrub roses began to rise culminating in the release of the rose Knockout.

Bred by William Radler the Knockout series of roses begin to bring us once again back to Garden Roses. They make terrific low care shrubs and their skyrocketing sales reemphasize that the desire for disease resistant, easy to grow Garden Roses is back.

Today’s breeders are meeting that demand and roses from Europe and beyond are also becoming more readily available in the U.S.

Roses are coming full circle by going back to what they were for the vast majority of their history. A great flowering shrub for the garden.  A Garden Rose.

Photo of Bill Radler courtesy of Conard Pyle

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  1. I have to agree, I have several Knock Outs and they do great in zone 6b Toronto Canada. I bought a miserable specimen 4 years ago on sale for 50 cents and it has recovered to a 4x5 feet beauty in my front yard. Always in bloom. I have seen people take pictures in front of it, a wedding couple (wow) and it constantly sends gasps in the air. Paul I love your writing, such an inspiration to us novice gardeners. Took your advice on the selection of my David Austin’s, come up to Canada Blooms in Toronto and speak to the masses,,,,,a fan,,,,Danny