Friday, May 21, 2010

Shhhhh. Be, very, very Quietness. I'm hunting woses for west and welaxation.

I first started hearing about Quietness when I moved to South Carolina some seven years ago.  So, I did a little research and found it's a Griffith Buck rose, but wasn't introduced until 2003; twelve years after Mr. Buck's passing.

How did this happen?

The good folks at Roses Unlimited, Pat Henry and Bill Patterson, began collecting Mr. Buck's roses long ago.  Included in them were some unreleased varieties.  Pat and Bill planted them in their garden, watched them and slowly released a few.  Quietness is one of those.

By the way Pat, Bill and their rose nursery are one of the unsung rose treasures in the United States.

I first saw this rose in the garden of Carol Meyer, a dear friend who lives in Spartanburg, SC.  Carol told me it was one of the easiest keepers in her garden.  The bush was fully foliated, upright and just covered in clouds of large, soft pink blooms.  And to my delight they were fragrant!

I love a rose that rewards the olfactory in all of us!

I took some cuttings to propagate at my old nursery and never looked back.  For us this rose defined the phrase "we can't keep it in stock".  Every time we released new ones on the website they were gone in an eye blink.  As other nurseries also added this rose to their collection its fame began to spread.

A real word of mouth rose.

If you are looking for a stunning, soft pink, non stop blooming, smell-o-rama experience, than Quietness is the rose for you.

Here are the specifics
  • Buck, light pink, Zone 5 - Introduced in 2003 by Roses Unlimited - Growth Size & Characteristics are: midsize shrub (3'-5'), fragrant, repeat flowering, cutting
Here is where you can buy it


  1. Hi Paul - thanks for the tip - this might be one to search for. I loved your article in Fine Gardening magazine. I'm a tough love gardener too, and have found to my delight that it works on roses! Maybe you can check out my latest post on my own low maintenance roses if you get a sec at I'll be back for more rose advice!!

  2. It looks like a great rose.I also love fragrant ones, and i am always looking for new ones.

  3. Hi Paul. Quietness sounds fantastic. Too bad I can't have it here.

    Roses are not significantly favored as garden plants in my country. I think culture and climate play an important role here.

    Anyway, I love your videos. Are u gonna have more soon?

  4. More videos are coming soon. Waiting for some roses to finish blooming before I start shooting again.

  5. Paul, you are my hero! I followed your YouTube video instructions to move a Noisette that was in too much shade. It lost all its leaves and I despaired only to look at it yesterday and find it full of new leaves. Color me happy.

  6. Mudpuppie. I'm so glad it worked for you!

  7. Ohh Quietness... Nice name and a beutiaful Rose! I gonna have to look at the youtube videos! Thanks for sharing:-)

  8. Hi Paul, please, do you know if any vendor ships this rose to Europe, too? Thanks, Jana

  9. Hi Jana,

    I checked around and at the moment I can't find anyone.