Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Godspeed Professor Fineschi

Last Sunday a lover of roses was called by God to come to Heaven’s Rose Garden. The Garden he left behind is a piece of Heaven on Earth perched on a hillside in Tuscany.

“Come into my garden. I would like my roses to see you” is one of the plaques that hang along an old stone wall in the midst of the garden. We were the lucky ones, for to visit and spend time in that garden is an experience like nothing else. It is overwhelming to the mind to stand in the middle of that sun drenched spot and see what the Professor accomplished. It is even more overwhelming to think the Professor saw it in his Mind’s Eye some 50 plus years ago – long before the first rose was planted.

It is a collection like no other, organized and planted like no other. The old roses are grouped by class but the modern roses are grouped by hybridizer. It is like being in a museum of roses with each wing dedicated to a individual rose breeder.

In this garden you see the genius of their work as it developed and changed through their hybridizing career. It is nothing short of a living history of the people who bred roses.

And the work of a true genius and lover of roses.

The Professor is at home now being welcomed by many of those “Maker’s Of Heavenly Roses”. They and all of us who love roses owe the Professor so much.

I have been lucky enough to visit the garden twice for a period of three days each time. And on one of those days to be invited to sit in the garden and have lunch and a bottle of wine made by his daughter with the Professor and Friends.

Truly Heaven on Earth.

The Roseto


  1. Paul,

    My thoughts are with Prof. Fineschi's family, with you, Marily, all who knew him and the rose world at large. I consider myself very fortunate indeed to have spent a few days in this unbelievably magnificent garden with you some years back -- something I will treasure always.


  2. Wow, there is another link... I do import upscale Italian jewelry from Arezzo, Italy.
    Did check this famous name out on the Internet and indeed he accomplished almost heaven on earth for many to enjoy years after his passing on to the real heaven.
    Thanks for contributing this ode to him!
    Rosy greetings from Georgia,