Monday, April 5, 2010

A Real "Winshoten" Of A Rose

Who doesn't love red roses?  More than that who doesn't love fragrant red roses?  Even more than that who doesn't love red, fragrant, easy to grow red roses?!

I can't count the number of times I've stuck my nose into a luscious red rose only to be rewarded by...


That's right no scent.  Nada, zippo - an olfactory black hole.

Yet, thanks to Cliff Orent of EuroDesert Roses, American Rose Growers can now purchase just such a rose.

Named for the town of Winschoten in The Netherlands (the Country my Parents come from!) this Shrub Rose was bred by the French Nursery firm of Meilland in 1999.  It won five awards in European Trials including 3 fragrance awards and the silver medal in the trials at Baden-Baden Germany.  I've been to some of those trials and the Europeans take their fragrance real seriously.

If you've been yearning for the big ol stinky red rose that you can also cut and bring in the house look no further.  In the United States you can purchase Winschoten only from EuroDesert Roses.  Cliff also carries lots of other great roses and in many cases he is the only place in the United States you can buy them from.

Happy sniffing!


  1. Aha, that explains a lot! First of all the lovely red rose and indeed, often it's just for looks; no fragrance there. Secondly I thought this is awfully misspelled as there is a 'c' missing. BUT with the Dutch connection we're talking now. Both my parents are also Dutch and they still live in The Netherlands. So that leaves me as a Dutch-American that LOVES roses... Grew up near Lottum where they still grow lots of roses and have a Rose Queen etc. etc.
    Again rosy greetings from Georgia,


  2. My parents came to the United States after WW II. The spoke Dutch to us as children so I understand the language (at least the 1945 version of it) and can speak it some.